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The art of living is based on the idea that eclecticism, blend of cultures, curiosity, and surprise are the true essence of our age.

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Dealing in interior and exterior design and furbishing, at Space Philosophy we position ourselves in the premium segment, due to the excellent craftsmanship and the first choice materials employed by our partners. Our success is based on our limitless creativity, on the intense passion, we show for our work as well as on the importance we give to details.

Deluxe crafted designer interior goods, by the use of the finest material and a large variety of utmost luxury finishes.


Space Philosophy’s guiding lines have always been the power to maintain a strong identity and the capacity to adapt to any request.
We love to express the evolution of those who share our values. Knowledgeable in the use of premium materials such as essence wood, marble, concrete, glass, and metal.

We operate in both the residential and contract segments.


We address a sophisticated clientele who likes to be surrounded by design pieces and appreciate a style that is both contemporary and timeless, in continuous search for beauty in living space

Our portfolio includes home furniture & accessories. Pieces of art and objects for daily use, souls that blend each other harmoniously.

We showcase the most refined furniture collections around the world, realized with exquisite Italian craftsmanship along with innovative technology.

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Different Places. Different People.

A unique passion for well-crafted furniture pieces and design.

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